Where to go


Bullets from paper mache, wire
2015 - 2017

Lack of free time for creation and research compensated by intense abstract drawing. Emotional movements of the palm as well as the whole hand and torso created smudges, sketches, and sometimes holes in the paper. I liked to fill the notebook with each stolen hour during the lunch break. I was reluctant to return to work, but at least not with the feeling of a wasted morning. I'm counting the minutes until the next release. After work, I work again to fill the notebook. But I come home frustrated because I'm hungry and tired. The pictures seem completely stupid to me. Wasted precious time.

When working full time, it is possible to get 20 days of paid leave per year. In ten years of work, it gives 200 days of vacation. At the beginning of the year, I plan a year so that I can make the best use of those 20 days of vacation, which I combine as much as possible with weekends and state or religious holidays. I often look at the calendar for those free days that await me, when I will be able to finish at least a few of the work in progress and free up space in my head.

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